Mission and Impact

The Lord is not limited by what is in our hands but by what is in our hearts (Mark 6: 5-6). Over the past years, we have fulfilled the mandate given to us through the preaching and teaching of undiluted Word of God with signs and wonders following in various nations of the world. Using various means and avenues as the Lord made possible such as conferences, seminars, magazine and book publications, audio/video materials, internet and radio broadcasts and more, we have lifted the Name of the Lord by impacting the present generation and inspiring the next.

This impact around the world is outstanding as we receive various testimonies and witness souls saved to the Glory of the Lord. At the moment, the Cutting Edge Word magazine is been distributed in 20 countries of the world - in Asia, Africa Europe, North America and South America.      

MISSION REPORT- by Pastor Niran Kolawole

    "Paul and Barnabas reported on what God had been doing through their ministry”- Acts. 15:4 (L.B)

On October 08, 2009, Pastor Martins and I travelled to California, for a three day program that was held in Stockton California. It was the second year anniversary of Spring of Hope Ministry, Stockton, CA. Our trip was a very refreshing one- both physically and spiritually. We arrived at Los Angeles at about 3:00 p.m. and spent the night at Sister Fatima’s house.

 The following day, Pastor Martins, Sister Fatima and I headed up to Stockton, California. On our arrival, we were taken to Hilton hotel by Pastor Deborah (host), where we rested before the start of the program.  Pastor Martins opened the program with a message titled “Discovering the Eagle in You”, He really hammered home the truth that we are created for greatness and that greatness is on the inside of us. We need to discover and develop the gift on the inside of us. On day two Pastor Martins’ message was on “Understanding and Manifesting Eagle Strength”. He talked extensively on the secret of the eagle.  The eagle has wisdom, waits for the current of the wind, and then soar and that many times we fly against the wind, against the purpose of God for our lives. On the last day Pastor caped it off with a strong message for the body of Christ to stand up and be serious on a message titled “Operating Eagles Authority”, in the midst of the storm eagle sings, when other birds are struggling and affected by the storm. We as believers have been seated with Christ in Heavenly places, far above principalities and power, which is the place for eagle Christians. During the program souls were saved and there was such an excitement among the members of the church. Especially, a Muslim woman gave her life to Jesus.

 The Lord visited his people in a mighty way; their lives will never remain the same again. As a Pastor, it equally ignited my passion to serve the Lord the more. The Spring of Hope Ministry really fed us well, and in the hotel with Pastor Martins and Sister Fatima, it was never an ending joke fest. We just enjoyed ourselves so much and doing the work that the Lord has commanded us to do. I cannot fail to mention the great sacrifice that Pastor Deborah and her congregation made to make our stay very comfortable. Also Sister Fatima’s great sacrifice to make our trip a relaxing and enjoyable one is highly appreciated. It is only God that can reward your labor of love. Copies of these CDs are available. Write to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Impacting the Present Generation... Inspiring the Next. At “The Cutting Edge Word 3000”, we harness our spiritual and financial resources together to touch and impact our generation. Our Vision is to raise a people of purpose, character and impact. We know the fulfillment of this Vision will not depend on us alone; should the Lord be leading you to be part of this great work, feel free to contact us. And FOR EVERY LIFE THAT IS TOUCHED AND CHANGED THROUGH THIS MINISTRIES, THE LORD HIMSELF WILL REWARD EACH ONE OF US, for... READ MORE

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