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Marriage is the first institution God created. Ever since creation, the devil has been attacking God's creation in order to sway them away from His perfect will. The enemy constantly attacks marriages and families as it is known that the family is the foundation of all other level of organization. The status of the family has a ripple effect into the society.  In a society that seeks daily improvement, union of two great people cannot be over emphasized. 

For this cause, we therefore established the relationship group. The goal of this group is to make members to have a strong understanding of God's divine purpose of marriage and ultimately live a purposeful life as individuals and as a family. 

This bible based teaching sessions cover all aspects of life and they are focused how individuals can improve themselves first then influence their partners. These practical teachings are delivered in a reflective way in order for individuals to focus on being the right partner rather than finding faults in their partners. These interactive teachings allow attendees to express their views/opinion, ask questions and share their personal experiences without being judged.

This group is building individuals to apply the principles of the bible diligently in every way of life.

We hold this seminar every third Saturday of each month. At times series of teachings are taught; therefore monthly attendance is greatly encouraged.


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Pastor Matins: Marriage Without Stress - Dream Big

"DREAM BIG" on Faith TV.

Pastor Martins Fatola on Gospel Faith TV. Dream Big

Watch our recent broadcast with Pastor Martins Fatola (Author of the Book Dream BIG) Host Karlene. Millwood, Share this amazing information and inspiring message to everyone.


Impacting the Present Generation... Inspiring the Next. At “The Cutting Edge Word 3000”, we harness our spiritual and financial resources together to touch and impact our generation. Our Vision is to raise a people of purpose, character and impact. We know the fulfillment of this Vision will not depend on us alone; should the Lord be leading you to be part of this great work, feel free to contact us. And FOR EVERY LIFE THAT IS TOUCHED AND CHANGED THROUGH THIS MINISTRIES, THE LORD HIMSELF WILL REWARD EACH ONE OF US, for... READ MORE

About the Author

DREAM BIG: You Are Created For More & MARRIAGE WITHOUT STRESS: How to Build an Enviable Marriage in an Unsettled World 

About the Author  Martins Fatola, is the president and founding pastor of the Cutting Edge Word Ministries International (a.k.a Word Center Church), Canada. Click to preview DREAM BIG or  MARRIAGE WITHOUT STRESS. Obtain your copy here or at Amazon