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"I Will Speak of Thy Testimonies ....... And Shall Not Be Ashamed" - Psalm 119:46 (KJV)

Grateful to Have you as Mentor

Hello Pastor, It is a blessing to be blessed. I am very grateful to God to have you as my mentor - a man that have the burning desire of God to make impact in my life and ministry. To God be the glory. I pray God for greater impartation and anointing on you in Jesus Name - Amen.

                                                           Evang. B.A (Brampton, Canada)

                                                           Posted December 24, 2011

Son Healed of Drug Addiction:

"Pastor!!, Just want to let you know that my son.. is doing wonderful, he's got a job, he's having less episode...Thanks to the Almight, he's healed. It's VICTORY."

                                                                 J. (Toronto, Canada)

                                                             Posted December 08, 2011

The WORD is Preached......Bowel Movement Complication Healed:

"Pastor Martins was the Guest Speaker at the Elect of God Ministries International, Toronto during the church's special program - "Your Hour of Miracle has Come" that took place on the 30th October, 2011. Pastor ministered on the theme - "With God all Things are Possible" (Mark 10:27). He showed the entire church how to live above life's impossibility and operate in the world of perpetual victory in this world by employing the PRINCIPLE OF FAITH AND OBEDIENCE TO GOD'S WORD. "To live in the flesh is to live in the realm of impossibilities", he taught.  

The message came to confirm what the Lord revealed to a couple that sunday morning before they travelled from another city to sit under the ministration of the man of God when this couple got to know that Pastor will be ministering in that church.

Moreover, a woman was called out among three others at the end of the Word ministrations to be prayed for. This woman had been on medication for bowel movement for months but got healed after prayer. She had since then been having bowel movement without medication. Glory to God!"

                                                               Posted December 08, 2011    

Impartation through the Book - "Dream Big - You are Created for More":

"Pastor Martins I just want to thank you once again for being obedient and delivering a personal message from the Lord to me at my home church.

May the Lord continue to use you to impact the lives of others.  I have read your "Dream Big" book 3 times as there is a wealth of knowledge contained within the pages.  I want to ensure I learn all I can from your writing and then apply it to my life.

 I have been truly blessed with all the materials from your ministry. May you continue to challenge people to seek more of the Lord in their daily lives."                                         

                                                                 -A.R. Kitchener, ON

                                                                   (Posted October 26, 2011)  

Court Case Victoriously Settled.....New Anointing:

Hi Sir,
How are you sir? Long time. I especially have message to testify that of the two court cases that had come up on my dad, one has victoriously settled in favour of dad. If you remember you had prophesied (April 2011) that whoever had lied against my dad GOD will rise against them. He indeed did. A faithful GOD. One more to go on (date). I know GOD is in control.

Another thing you prophesied was that I have a hunger for righteousness and I shall be filled. Indeed I am experiencing a new anointing on me and GOD is making my next level happen.

Hope all is well at your side. May GOD bless you richly and use you mightily for building His Kingdom. May the prophetic anointing on you increase and increase in double measure. I thank and Praise GOD for you sir. GOD bless you and your family abundantly

                                            V.M, Leeds, United Kingdom (posted Nov. 12, 2011)

Mentality Changed:

Dear Pastor,

Ever since you left, my life has taken a new turn, and your magazines are a great blessing to me. My mentality has changed I now know that “…I am created for more, …as long as my heart is big enough to conceive it, my God is strong enough to perform it. ….and what I am driving is not as important as what is driving me. And what is happening to me is not as important as what is happening in me”. All these words are what I say to myself on a DAILY BASIS, they make me strong, unmovable and unshakable. These words are very much inspiring

May God continue to use you. I am really missing you and your wise words.

 B.E. - Princess of Praise

(Free-town, SIERRA-LEONE)


Uplifted and Challenged:

Dear Pastor Martins,

I have received the magazines and can’t wait to let you know how tremendously it has blessed me, I feel so uplifted and challenged by your messages especially “Fight for your focus; “Obedience: key to God’s Supernatural Abundance” and The Emergence of Stainless and Glorious Church” they touched my Spirit so deeply, realizing how starved and under nourished I was spiritually.

Yes Pastor, I have lost touch with reading spiritual materials except the Bible since I came here. Thank you so much for being a blessing, know that you have touched a life here with His Word and I  pray God, by His might cause you to reach out to many more throughout the world. May He continue to increase His Anointing, Wisdom and Grace upon your life to bless millions more In Jesus Name.  

 God bless you.

 Sis. C.

(Banjul, THE GAMBIA)

Way of Thinking Changed:

 Pastor Fatola Martins,

On Saturday September 13, 2008, I picked up a copy of your magazine, the January-April, 2007 edition and I only read it on Monday 15. I really want to say from the time I started reading, I could not help but to go through it. The topic "Fight for your FOCUS" actually challenged me, just as it has changed my way of thinking. I could not help but to say; thanks for your blessing in my life. May God keep on blessing you and your family. It will give me much joy if am blessed with other copies as soon as there are produced.

 J. A.M.

(Molyko-Buea, CAMEROON)

Burden Lifted.....Joy Came:

Dear Pastor Martins,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord.

This is the Sister in “Green, on your right”. Just a word of greetings and I must confess that the word of God to me was timely and it’s a testimony in itself. You may not imagine how long I have waited just to hear from the Lord, I kept on blaming myself when things were not working they way it should.

The night before that day, during my quiet time with God I asked that He should reveal to me where I have gone wrong, what is it I’m doing that is not right, He was like forever silent to my prayers. But His word that day has brought me so much joy and happiness knowing that I’m still in God’s agenda and still loves me. Since that day I feel like I’m floating in the air on eagle’s wings, I don’t  know how  to express it but I just find myself praising and rejoicing in the Lord, knowing that

HE WILL PERFECT THAT WHICH CONCERNS ME. It’s like a heavy weight has been lifted from off my shoulders. I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to say; loving the Lord, try to do what’s right, trusting and depending on Him, yet everything seem to be going bad, struggling for everything, even with  prayers nothing happens and for God to step in when I almost gave up......; it’s  a real joy.

Thank you Pastor for your prayers and His WORD. It is my prayer that God will take your Ministry to another level and increase His Anointing upon your life.

Remain blessed


 The Gambia

Life and Ministry Transformed by God's Word:

My beloved Pastor Martins

Greetings to you and your family,… knowing you is a very big blessing, your coming to Freetown was timely and divinely ordained; we appreciate you so much; your magazines are enriching, …your message are what we need at this end time. You are a gift to us and I believe the body of Christ in Sierra Leone will benefit from your wonderful gift. Your message transformed my life and music ministry am thinking big now; you are planted in my heart because they are very inspiring and challenging; your coming to Freetown has taken me to another level even our church has taken a new turn; by Gods grace I will like you to be coming once or twice every year in Sierra Leone. You have really motivated me and I am seeing the proof in my life.

 May God bless you and your family.

Your Daughter and Sister in the Lord.

Magazine Becoming an Household Book: 

 Dear Man of God,

Man of God to be candid your coming to Sierra Leone was a blessing to us. We so much appreciate your message in the church for it was an injection to our soul. Your magazine has become our household book to all of us. Please don’t forget to send some copies of your magazine to us


Yours in His Vineyard.

Past. J.E.

(Freetown, SIERRA LEONE)

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