DREAM BIG: You Are Created For More


MARRIAGE WITHOUT STRESS: How to Build an Enviable Marriage in an Unsettled World

DREAM BIG: You Are Created For More

You are born to soar!

Why I Wrote This Book:

It was a beautiful evening in the month of April 2008. I had gone to personally pick one of my covenant friends of almost 2 decades, who had just flown in from London, United Kingdom, and was scheduled to preach at our Ministry’s anniversary here in Canada. As we breezed out of the Toronto Pearson International Airport into the freeway, we got talking about moments we’ve shared together in Nigeria that we both treasured so much, he reminded me about the prophetic declarations that I have shared with many almost two decades ago that we are called to preach the Gospel in the nations of the earth when we did not even know the way to the airport. Looking at me, he said, “Pastor, you are now living in your dream....you have become a citizen of the world.”

Though we are just “warming up” for God’s mighty glory that will fill the earth as waters cover the sea in these last days as prophesied by prophet Habakkuk (Hab. 2:14), there is the undisputable truth that the Dream of yesterday is the reality of today. What you “see” determines what you believe, and what you believe determines what you become. Your life cannot be richer or larger than your dream. There is the principle that all things are created twice-mental creation (first creation), then physical creation (second creation). Whatever human eyes can see today was initially created in someone’s imagination. Friends, when God wants to give a man a tree, He will give him seeds and when He wants to give him a future, He places a dream in his heart.

It is your dream that determines your destiny. Dreams are the building blocks of a glorious life. Man’s greatest limitation is not in the economy, the colour of his skin, family background, lack of formal education or anything external. No! Man’s greatest limitation lies within. Small mind cannot build greatness neither can any little mind build anything that is worthwhile or enviable. Your heart-not your physique, determines your height in life. God has so much in store for His children, yet many live in this world like a pauper because their hearts cannot conceive nor fathom what God has prepared for them. Life has brought frustration to many instead of fulfilment. Millions are living below their full potential today in spite of all that Christ has done for them. Untold numbers of people in the church are financially broke today, not because we don’t have Heavenly provision, but because they are disconnected from the Heavenly vision. Our provision lies in the vision shown to us by the Lord. Nothing guides our earthly walk like vision for “where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint” (Prov. 29:18 NIV).

Are you tired of where you are today? Do you feel like this life is passing you by without fulfilment? Have you once tasted fulfilment but today your heart is broken and shattered? Do you think that God has forgotten you and your life doesn’t really matter to Him? Do you feel like quitting and forget about God’s purpose for your life because of unrealised dreams? Or are you asking, is this all there is? Is this all that life has for me? I wrote this book for you! I AM SENT TO YOU BY THE LORD. I am sent to open your understanding to what lies within you. “Eyes hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him” (1 Cor. 2:9 KJV). When Elisabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb (Luke 1: 41). As you go through this book your dream will come back to life again. God does not only raise the dead from the tomb, He also raises the dead dream in our womb.

This book will ignite a fresh fire in your heart and create a thirst in your soul for His plan and purpose for your life. It will strengthen your faith to become all that you are born and created to be in this world. Friends, you will discover that life is not about your own personal plan. IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM-LORD JESUS AND HIS KINGDOM. This book will place in your hands life-changing and time-tested secrets that will move you from dreaming to doing. The status of men is enhanced in the Kingdom by Secrets (Job. 29:1-4). Men rise in the Kingdom by secrets- and not by struggles. No one will ever rise above his/her insight, for it takes UNDERSTANDING to be OUTSTANDING in life.

You’ve looked around long enough. It’s time to start looking at what lies within. What lies within is far greater than what lies without. What lies behind you, and what lies before you are nothing compared with what lies within you. Friends, you are too loaded to pass through this life un-reckoned with if Christ is in your heart. God is not finished with you yet. Dream big! Make big plans. Grow your faith in Him and His Word. Open up to the light of Heaven. God is still speaking and men are still doing the impossible. Fight for your place in Destiny. There is something in you that your world is waiting for. When you locate your purpose in life and pour your life into it, you will become a wonder to your world. There are not enough devils in the pit of hell that can defeat the plan and purpose of God for your life. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today”.

May His WORD through this book bring you out of the common place of life and establish you among the Great Achievers in Jesus Name. Remember, if your heart is big enough to conceive it, your God is strong enough to perform it.

Dream Big-for you are created for more in this life. That’s why I wrote this book. Never forget this!


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About the Author

DREAM BIG: You Are Created For More & MARRIAGE WITHOUT STRESS: How to Build an Enviable Marriage in an Unsettled World 

About the Author  Martins Fatola, is the president and founding pastor of the Cutting Edge Word Ministries International (a.k.a Word Center Church), Canada. Click to preview DREAM BIG or  MARRIAGE WITHOUT STRESS. Obtain your copy here or at Amazon